The Union City, Tennessee native reveals how him and his wife got savvy to film the music video that propelled the country singer into the spotlight.


You may recognize Russell Dickerson from his national TV debut of ‘Yours' on The Bachelorette when he performed the heartwarming ballad in idyllic Hilton Head, South Carolina. You may recognize ‘Yours' if you're one of the country fans who have contributed to its 40 million streams and counting.

Or, you may not recognize the song at all. After watching the memorable music video though, you'll likely have hard time getting the catchy chorus out of your head.

As Dickerson gears up for the release of his debut album, Yours, dropping Friday, October 13th, we sat down with the musician to talk about the viral black-and-white music video.

"We just went to shoot test footage. And [the song] being turned down by every label, we figured we had to do it on our own and get this thing going. So we're like, ‘alright, here we go. We're gonna do this by ourselves,'" Dickerson told Southern Living.

"We just started shooting. I was in workout clothes. My wife [who shot and directed the video] was like you need to dress up just in case! So we go into this road, we start filming, the wind starts blowing, the clouds start rolling in, and there was lightning. And we just keep shooting and shooting and shooting for an hour-and-a-half. And then downpour." As Dickerson's buddy drove his SUV, his wife Kailey was in the back with a tripod and her camera.

If you're curious about why the video is in black-and-white, Dickerson spilled the beans: "[In the music video] I'm walking behind my truck and as soon as my buddy hit the brakes the lights would come on and my face would glow red."

Not exactly the artsy intentions fans likely imagine, but a choice made out of necessity to avoid random red streaks throughout the video. Ultimately, the video garnered such a reaction that they decided to release the song following its strong reception. Clearly, not a bad investment for the few bucks Kailey and Russell forked over to film a video that now has 5.3 million views. "Gas money was the only $6 that we spent!"