We couldn't make it through this emotional video with dry eyes.


You may not know a G minor from a C7 chord, but we all can easily tick off a few personally meaningful songs that start with a memorable guitar riff.

Channeling that pathos into a simple flurry of musical notes is exactly what Chase Rice set out to do in his latest song "Three Chords & The Truth." A sharp pivot from his earlier party anthems, Rice's upcoming album Lambs & Lions features the poignant tune, co-written by Rice, Ross Copperman, and Jon Nite.

While the song will certainly move you—with a guttural, deja vu reaction—it's the new music video that will really open the floodgates. The documentary-style video chronicles Rice setting out to help inspire a child with the gift of music. "My dad got me my first guitar. A cheap little $150 guitar...but that changed my life," Rice explains, before making a call to his manager. "[I] want to buy a guitar for a kid in need. And then maybe I fly to them [and] surprise the kid with the guitar." Shortly thereafter, he adds, "There's a lot of people out there who can't afford to get into music like I did...I want to take the opportunity to give back and hopefully have a shot at changing a kid's life...I can't think of a better way and a better gift to give to someone else."

With that simple premise—and the strum of an Eb major chord—a five-minute tear-jerker is born. As the narrative unravels, the viewer meets Nicholas Thompson. The eight-year-old boy battles hemophilia, a rare condition where your blood can't clot properly. Though he regularly endures injections and an endless stream of doctor visits, his upbeat spirit and can-do attitude (just watch him, smack a baseball!) masks the genetic disorder that plagues him.

A giant fan of Rice's, Thompson is ultimately selected to be the lucky recipient of the special music lesson and guitar from the 32-year-old artist. As Rice ventures to Morehead, Kentucky to surprise the young boy, we see moving clips of the difficult realities of Thompson's everyday life. Sitting on Thompson's front porch swinging their legs to the thrum of the guitar, it's easy to see how music can overwrite the toughest of days. And as for the musical wings Rice gifts Thompson? Perhaps the greatest lesson here is that the power of song can rise ours a little higher, too.

Chase Rice's Lambs & Lions will be released on November 17th. Pre-order it here.