This 10-time Grammy and 20-time Dove Award winner is releasing a new album

Cece Winans
Credit: Shore Fire Media/Austin City Limits

Cece Winans is one of the most recognized names in gospel music. She's the most awarded and best-selling—five albums went gold and four went platinum—female gospel singer in the industry. The past decade, however, has been a new adventure for Cece, as she started a church with her husband in Nashville. Lucky for us, as of February 3, 2017, this soulful singer will be back on the scene with her new album Let Them Fall In Love. We got to catch up with the Tennessee-based Grammy winner to talk about her new album and what she's been up to.

Why did you decide to make another record?
CW: It was something that I always wanted to do. I just didn't know when the right time would be, but I felt like I had something to say. I felt like I had a project that'd make a difference so we went back into the studio.

What sets this album apart from your other work?
CW: The style of music really sets this one apart. It's pretty different from what I've done in the past, and I think it lends itself to a new audience. I believe it will capture the heart of the audience I've had for years, but it has the ability to broaden my audience.

It's been a while since you've been active in the industry. What have you been up to?
CW: I've been really busy. About four and a half years ago, my husband and I started a church called Nashville Life in Nashville, Tennessee so that has taken up the majority of my time. I've been pretty busy mainly with the church, but also while I've been away, my brother BeBe and I recorded another CD and toured that.

Where is your favorite Southern music venue to play, and why?
CW: If I had to pick one, I really enjoy the Ryman. The history is fascinating, and it's quaint—not too big and not too small.

What's your favorite song on the new album and why?
CW: All of them are my favorite. [Laughs] If I had to pick one, I'd go with "Lowly," because it's fun, but "Let Them Fall In Love" is the heart of the record. It's my prayer that when people hear it that their hearts will be turned toward God.

You've won numerous awards. Which has been the most memorable to you?
CW: My first Grammy award is probably the most memorable. I grew up watching the Grammy Awards, and I thought that'd be the ultimate experience and honor. To actually achieve that was pretty amazing.

What's currently on your music playlist?
CW: Right now, my playlist is my new record because I'm listening to it to learn it. One of my favorite artists right now, though, is Jonathan McReynolds; he's just such an amazing talent.

What's the song that always keeps you going?
CW: I don't know that I have a specific song. Uplifting and positive music keeps me going because those songs keep your spirits up and high and hopeful.

What are your favorite Christmas memories from your childhood?
CW: My favorite Christmas memory is my family around the piano singing, and of course the big spread of food. They're all focused around family and friends, but mainly my family all singing together and just everyone being together.

Does your family have any Christmas traditions now?
CW: Every year, my family comes together for a Christmas breakfast. Then, after that, the first thing we do is spend time around the word of God and talking about the real meaning of Christmas before we open our gifts. We talk amongst ourselves about the holiday's true meaning because it can really get lost. We focus on Jesus and him giving his life and what that truly means.

Where's your favorite place in Nashville to visit around Christmas time?
CW: Actually, my home is my favorite place. Because of what I do, there is a lot of touring and events around the holidays so just to be at home is really nice around the holidays.

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