We recently caught up with recording artist Amy Grant to chat about her most recent album, "Be Still and Know...Hymns and Faith," what she's growing in her garden this summer, and hosting day-camp on her farm outside of Nashville.


We hear you're a big gardener, was this always the case?

I came to it later in life, and I have to tell you, my stuff does not look like Martha Stewart's. But you know, the wonder of planting things and having them grow, it never gets old–picking something that you grew out of your yard or your part or your raised bed, it's just such a simple illustration of hope. I just was having a conversation with a friend of mine. He said, all of us are stewards of the space that we have, whether it's your yard or your farm or your apartment, it's not just for your family, it's for wildlife, it's for bird life, it's for everything–it's not just about the flowers and veggies. I think it's a great way of looking at life as part of a much bigger picture that's not so egocentric.

What's in your veggie garden this summer?

It's kind of a simple list, really, tomatoes, onions, squash, all kinds of peppers, I love stuffed peppers, what else is growing, okra–okra grows fast and has big wow-factor. I like to spend time in the kitchen, we have a record player in there. There's something about having to attend to a forty-five record–sometimes, we actually have kind of an impromptu dance party when we're cooking. Records are so immediate, and when people look through them they get so excited. I love that.

You and your husband Vince live in Nashville, but you all have a farm outside of town. Do you grow things out there?

No, but I love going out there, there's a lot of history there. There's three cabins from the late 1800s and a big barn. We host Barefoot at the Farm day camps during the summer. The kids are great: I'm just the archery teacher to them. One morning I did a music lesson, and a boy came up to me and said, "I thought you were the farmer." I said, "Yeah, a farmer that does a little music on the side." Vince and I got married on the farm. My mama's ashes are buried out there. My sister Cathy started keeping bees a year or two ago, I helped her move a hive the other day. But I like to go there just to write and walk. The farm is really my thing. If Vince is gonna go outside and sweat, he really wants it to be on the golf course. I like to just put on my snake boots and head out there. It's peaceful.

Speaking of writing, tell us a little about your latest album, Be Still And Know…Hymns & Faith?

It's a collection of songs that are all faith based. I grew up in a church where we sang hymns straight out of the song book all of the time, and I love that song tradition. That kind of singing is meant to be done eyes wide open, you know? A lot of the contemporary songs that people sing in church are worship songs, and so they're more meant to be sung with your eyes closed, singing to God, and hymns are slightly different, they're meant to be sung in a community setting. So for this album, I did a song called "Power in the Blood" and then some original songs and then there are a few older ones that hadn't made it on to other albums.

Tell us, what are you listening to these days?

Some things I have really enjoyed this last year, there's this artist out of Nashville named Chris Stapleton, he's phenomenal, and I've been loving the last Kacey Musgraves album. There's always music going here in the house, whether it's whatever's going on in the recording studio (we have one here in the house), to playing oldies on the record player in the kitchen.

A full list of Amy's upcoming tour dates is available here.