We hope this beautiful tribute offers some solace to all those missing loved ones this holiday season.
Woman and Senior Mother
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A woman's heartfelt words on the lingering effects of losing your mother is touching thousands.

Nikki Pennington, the blogger behind Grief to Hope, regularly writes about motherhood, marriage and loss. In a recent Facebook post, Pennington offers an emotional list of all the ways she's found herself searching for her mother in the five years since she lost her to brain cancer. With more than 1,000 likes and nearly the same number of shares, it's clear that Pennington's words are resonating with people, offering comfort and hope in the darkness of grief.

The list begins with all the places she's searched for her mom, including in old high school yearbooks, old photo albums, in the memories of old friends and even in crowds.

"Even though someone told you she's gone, you'll still search for her," Pennington writes.

And then there's the pain of knowing she's missing important moments, both big and small.

"And when you are walking down the aisle, when your baby is born and when the holidays come around, you'll search the room for her. When the days are hard and when they are good."

"When the times are difficult and when they are so good that pure joy is filling your soul," she continues. "When you are sitting on your back porch trying to sort out all your problems you'll look over because even if for a minute you'll be searching for her."

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Pennington concludes the post with an inspiring message of hope, and a reminder that your mother never really leaves you.

"Then one day you won't have to search any longer because you'll find her," she writes. "You'll find her in the gentle breeze. You'll find her in the words to your favorite song. You'll find her in your child's smile."

"You didn't need to search far to find her because you are her daughter and that means a part of her is always with you," she concludes.

We hope this beautiful tribute offers some solace to all those missing loved ones this holiday season.