17 Things Every Mother-Daughter Duo Should Do Together

Take a Hike
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There is no bond quite like the relationship between a mother and her daughter. A mother is a confidant, encourager, and forever friend. She always picks up the phone on the first ring and notoriously makes homemade soup when you're sick. Through all the seasons of life, growing up and moving away, one thing will always remain the same—you'll always be her little girl. Give the gift of quality time and schedule a much-needed girls' trip.

We created a list of creative and fun activities any mother-daughter duo can do. Dig into the family cookbooks and create a recipe from scratch. Or take a stroll down memory lane and revisit old photo albums. It doesn't matter what activity you have planned, as long as you spend quality time together. Whether you're tackling a Pinterest DIY or road-tripping across the South, these activities will create lifelong, unforgettable memories.

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Makeover Your Childhood Room

Room Makeover
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Chances are your childhood room remains unchanged from your youthful days. Although the room plays up the nostalgia factor quite well, it's time for a change. Try refreshing the space. Create a budget for how much you want to spend, then hit up all your favorite home goods stores. This room will have quite a story to tell.

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Try a Painting Class

Painting Class
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No artsy gene is required. Pick up paint supplies and head to a painting class nearby. To add an extra layer of excitement, pour a glass of wine to have on hand while you paint.

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Smile for a Professional Photoshoot

Professional Photo Shoot
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There's no such thing as having too many photos with your mom. Hire a professional photographer or recruit a friend. Trust us. These memories and photographs are sure to last forever.

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Take a Hike

Take a Hike
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A breath of fresh air is always a good idea. Explore your town by strolling in a local park or taking a hike in a state park. Remember to pack water, snacks, and a map.

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Make Your Own Floral Arrangements

Handmade Floral Arrangements
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Picking up a pre-arranged flower bouquet is great when you're short on time, but there's nothing like making one of your own. Go to your local florist or grocer and pick up seasonal flowers to create a beautiful, authentic arrangement for your table together.

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Plan a Picnic

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Picnics are the perfect activity when the weather is glorious. Grab your blankets and picnic baskets. Pack a charcuterie board and some wine, and plot a spot in your backyard for this easy activity.

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Make a Fancy Homemade Dinner

Fancy or Homemade Dinner
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Whether making a homemade meal or dressing up to the nines for a fancy dinner, time gathered around the table is always special.

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Attend a Concert

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Whether it's a symphony or a country concert, listening to music always brings people together. Scout out musicians coming to town and purchase tickets for an iconic mother-daughter date.

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Try a Pinterest DIY

Pinterest DIY
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This idea may require some power tools, but a mother-daughter duo is up for the challenge. Instead of buying a side table or headboard, make it yourself. Pinterest has creative ways to spend time together and excellent reasons to travel to the hardware store for supplies. Your creation will be one-of-a-kind.

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Plan a Double-Feature Movie Night

Mother and Daughter Watching a Movie and Eating Ice Cream
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Grab the hot cocoa and cozy blankets, and pick a spot on the couch. Movie night is the perfect time to watch new movies and classic films. You can each select your favorite movie and watch them back to back.

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Look Through Family Photos

Mother and Daughter Looking at Family Photos
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Take a stroll through memory lane and pull out the old photo albums. Reminisce, laugh, and cry about the good ole days.

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Have a Spa Day

Mother and Daughter with Facials and Towels for Spa Day
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It's time for some mother-daughter pampering. Let your worries be washed away, and indulge in a relaxing spa day. Get a soothing facial and paint your nails. You will never feel so relaxed and at ease.

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Cook a Family Recipe

Mother, Daughter, and Grandmother Cooking in the Kitchen
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Learn how to make a family classic or start a new tradition. Either way, there's nothing like bonding over food.

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Go Antique Shopping

Mother and Daughter in Antique Store
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Stumble upon antique wonders with your mother. Have a necessary item in mind and get to shopping. Don't be afraid to bargain. No one can go up against Mama.

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Take a Tour Around Your Hometown

Mother and Daughter Laughing While Walking Around Town
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There's something so nostalgic about roaming around your hometown. Grab lunch at the hole-in-the-wall diner or visit your childhood church. Strolling down memory lane will be so bitter-sweet.

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Spend a Day Volunteering

Mother and Daughter Volunteering
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Help organize donations at the food bank, play with the puppies at the animal shelter, or help out at the library—wherever you donate your time, having that experience together will instill a behavior of giving back, no matter her age.

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Hit the Road Together

Road Trip
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Plan a memorable trip for just you and your mom. Whether you want to visit a small town, city, beaches, or the mountains, the options are endless! Nothing but open roads ahead.

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