Southerners won't be surprised at a few names on this list.

By Southern Living Editors

The players may all be students, but elite college football programs bring in a lot of dough. Here are the top five most valuable college football programs. Ohio State top all other school profits thanks to their ticket sales. Over its almost 130 year history, the team has 39 Big 10 championships and 8 national championships. They're making $120 million in revenue with $69 million in profits. For Alabama, operating as the gold standard in college football doesn't come cheap. They spend 20% more than any other team..but it's worth the price tag. The Crimson Tide brings in $127 million with a profit of $59 million. Michigan is second to rival Ohio State in ticket sales, but the brand's still strong. They're raking in $127 million in revenue and $75 million in profits. Texas shares the Big 12 with Oklahoma, but it's hard to beat that 31 million dollar Longhorn branding. Merch and advertising lead to $133 million in revenue for the Texas team with $87 million in profits. Texas A&M may not be competing for any national championships, but no team can compete with their revenue and profits. A $485 million stadium renovation led to big returns and the team now sports $148 million in revenue with $107 million in profits. Maybe someday these profits will make it down to the players.