Hint: it starts with the letter "L"

Credit: Hero Images/Getty

Instagram is officially social media's sweetest platform. The app just released its 2016 Year in Review, and amidst all of the data about follower counts and photo rankings is a little fact that caught our eye and warmed our jaded hearts. According to Instagram, the most-used hashtag of 2016 is #love. Yes, you read that right…the most popular hashtag this year isn't #selfie, or #tbt, or any one of the millions of tags (positive and negative) users attach to their posts—it's LOVE! And we couldn't be happier.

Not only that, but five of the top 10 most popular emojis included hearts. Yes, that includes the hearts-in-the-eyes and kissy-face emojis. So the next time you find yourself feeling like social media isn't the nicest place, remember that if you look around a bit, you'll find that it's full of love.

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