How much would you shell out for your favorite character's costume?

By Southern Living Editors
October 15, 2018

Nothing completes a film quite like a wardrobe. Costumes can become as famous (if not more so) than the actual characters who wear them. It's no surprise fans pay top dollar to hang them in their personal closets. Here are four of the most expensive movie costumes ever sold.

Steve McQueen starred in the racing film Le Mans wearing an iconic white racing suit. The costume was originally won by a 12-year-old in a contest, and it stayed with him for 40 years. The King of Cool's classic outfit was eventually sold at auction for just under $1 million.

The cowardly lion from The Wizard of Oz didn't have courage, but he had an ensemble worth millions. Actor Bert Lahr skipped down the Yellow Brick Road in this fuzzy getup, which weighs about 60 pounds. The stuffed suit was bought at a New York auction for over $3 million, oh my!

Audrey Hepburn dazzled in a classic ascot dress from My Fair Lady. The black and white garb, with its matching hat, stole the show in a film that took home eight Oscars, including one for Best Costume Design. The gavel slammed down a hefty $3.7 million dollars at auction for this memorable look.

Marilyn Monroe may be known for a lot, but there's nothing quite like her iconic Seven Year Itch scene. The blonde bombshell turned a breezy subway grate into a fashion statement with her iconic white dress. Straight from Debbie Reynolds' Hollywood collection, this piece of cinematic history sold for $4.6 million. Clearly, diamonds weren't this girl's only best friend.

How much would you shell out for your favorite character's costume?