Best not to mess with MoonPie.

By Jorie Nicole McDonald
moonpie new years eve event
Credit: James And James / Getty Images

We all know and love the iconic, Southern treat. It's the ideal combination of chocolate, graham cracker, and marshmallow. And while the Chattanooga-based confection is as sweet as can be, MoonPie's Twitter account is notoriously salty.

Let us explain. MoonPie's Twitter account is known for hilarious exchanges with people who dare insult the dessert. The latest victim, Kaela Thompson, was quickly silenced after an offending tweet. She wrote, "Nobody likes moon pies. They should call you MoonBye because nobody likes you."

To which Moonpie's Twitter account quickly responded, "They should call you Kayla because that's how it's supposed to be spelled." Ha! MoonPie strikes again. See the exchange for yourself:

MoonPie Twitter Troll Image
Credit: Twitter

So, take this as a friendly reminder not to dish it out if you can't take it, especially with regards to Moonpie.