A perfect ending.
Boy with White Fluffy Dog
Credit: Winky Lewis/Getty Images

There's nothing quite like the heartbreak of a runaway pet. Six years ago, a family of three in Pascagoula, Mississippi dealt with the loss of their pet pooch after he disappeared when they let him outside to go to the bathroom.

And now, Cynthia Lucas and her two sons are reunited with beloved Blizzy, News 10 reports.

The Lucases had a tough time after Blizzy went missing so long ago, and Cynthia said Blizzy was considered another member of the family. They prayed for his return.

"I was crying, I was a little kid," Cynthia's son Aaron Lucas said to News 10. "I was crying my eyes out. I was constantly searching for my dog."

Six years later, Blizzy was spotted on the street by stray rescuer Ginger Keenum.

"[I] took the left turn, and I almost ran over a little white dog in the road who was standing there lost and he ran off into the side lot," Keenum said. "I pulled over and he ran straight to me."

Keenum posted a picture of the pup, who was dirty and covered in fleas, to Facebook with the intention of returning him to his rightful owner. Blizzy's microchip helped the Lucas family locate him after all that time.

Of course, everybody was crying as the Lucases reunited with their dog.

"Well, I was in tears before they got here and the lady could not believe that this was really happening," Keenum said. "When [Cynthia] walked in, they were in tears."

Happy tears, at that: Cynthia's son Derek said he was "ecstatic" about the chance happening. "You can't really put [it] into words," he said.

Sometimes, life has a funny way of working out.