We did a little undercover research ourselves…

Miss Congeniality
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Everybody loves the Sandra Bullock classic, Miss Congeniality, which chronicles the undercover drama of a beauty pageant targeted by a domestic terrorist. Bullock's character transforms from disheveled but whip-smart undercover FBI agent Gracie Hart to a credible beauty pageant contestant who—spoiler alert!—sniffs out and takes down the bad guy. While in heels and hairspray at that—the full pageant getup. And since much of the movie was filmed in Texas—from Round Top to Austin to San Antonio—we just can't help but love it too. So we dug up some fun facts (with the help of IMDb) from behind the scenes of this comedic classic:

Wardrobe repeat!

When Gracie arrives at the pageant with Victor and Kathy Morningside greets them, there is a woman in the background behind Kathy wearing the costume Gracie later wears for her water glass routine during the talent competition at the Alamo.

What's in a name?

William Shatner's character "Stan Fields" is a reference to the actor's Canadian heritage. "Stanfields" is a famous brand of underwear (known for its long johns) sold in Canada.

Don't we all love April 25th?

In what became one of the most popular and quotable lines from the movie, Miss Rhode Island is asked "What is your idea of a perfect date?" and she answers, "That's a tough one. I'd have to say April 25th. Because it's not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket." (You can bet everyone trots that quote out every April.) Fun fact though: this is taken from a real-life pageant answer. Hey, she's got a point!

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Great batons of fire!

Heather Burns (who plays Miss Rhode Island, Cheryl Frasier) had to learn how to twirl a baton for her role, but drew the line at twirling a fire baton. The crew brought in a professional for the pageant scenes.

Familiar Faces

Did that Starbucks scene seem a little too familiar? Aside from the realistically cranky pre-coffee line out the door, the people working in Starbucks were actual Starbucks employees.