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By Melissa Locker
Miss Congeniality 2
Credit: Castle Rock Entertainment

FBI Agent Gracie Hart is one of our favorite Sandra Bullock roles of all time, and we know Bullock must have loved playing her in Miss Congeniality, because she played her yet again in Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous. (She also produced both films, putting her hard-earned money into bringing the world more of Miss Gracie Hart).

In the sequel, FBI Agent Gracie Hart, who so famously infiltrated a beauty pageant as part of an FBI sting, is back at her unladylike, tough-talking, snort-laughing ways. However, when it becomes clear that Gracie's fame is impeding her work as agent, she is offered a new role in the FBI. She becomes the "face of the bureau" with a new stylist Joel (Diedrich Bader) hired to re-smooth her rough edges and a new bodyguard to keep her safe, Sam Fuller, played by Regina King.

Despite her fears of becoming "FBI Barbie" Gracie is happy enough in her new job. When tragedy strikes, though, and her friend, Miss United States (Heather Burns), is kidnapped in Las Vegas, along with the pageant host (William Shatner), Gracie refuses to stay on the sidelines. She and Sam head to Sin City to save Gracie's friends, whether the local FBI bureau chief wants them to or not. The result is a funny romp with a few twists and turns and the always-likable Bullock giving some very big laughs.

While it's hard to top Miss Congeniality, there were a few times that the sequel managed to best the original.

1. When Gracie Hart chases "fake" Dolly Parton through the Venetian hotel.

2. When she visits Regis Philbin's talk show. (Regis: "You don't look like J. Edgar Hoover." Gracie: "Really? Because this is his dress.")

3. The relationship between Gracie and Sam. It's a funny hint of what was to come when Sandra Bullock teamed up with Melissa McCarthy in The Heat.

4. When Sam has to perform "as a woman pretending to be a man pretending to be Tina Turner" and kills it (eventually) singing "Proud Mary."

5. The incredibly dramatic ending (who knew a boat could sink in the Nevada desert?).

Gracie Hart never fails to make us laugh, and we'd be first in line to buy tickets to a third installment. Maybe something that is set in a tropical paradise next?

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