The greatest pros in sports have earned hundreds of millions of dollars – but not everyone has held onto it. Here are seven athletes who gained a fortune and ultimately found a bit of post-career misfortune.

Boxing sensation Mike Tyson earned more than $400 million during his career, but he ended up filing for bankruptcy in 2003. Maybe this is what happens when you spend money on pet tigers and two million dollar bathtubs.

Southerner Terrell Owens is known for his end zone celebrations, but there wasn't much to celebrate after bad investments. A failed Alabama casino, a collapsing housing market, and $50,000 of monthly child support payments all sent him towards bankruptcy – all after earning a hefty eighty million dollars.

Olympic gold medalist and celebrated figure skater, Dorothy Hamill, made a million dollars a year skating in the Ice Capades. But that ice thawed when she later bought the company, which ultimately failed and sent her skating into bankruptcy instead.

Another heavy hitter that got knocked out with debt is Alabama-born Evander Holyfield. After a career gross of an incredible two-hundred and thirty million dollars, he lost it all. Paying child support for a reported 11 children has been said to have contributed to his financial woes.

Ex-NBA star, Antoine Walker, earned more than a hundred and eight million dollars through his 13-year NBA career. And reports have said that he financially supported 70 members of his family and family. But that generosity - along with poor spending and splurging - led to massive debt and bankruptcy in 2010.

Former New York Jets quarterback, Mark Brunell, earned an estimated fifty million dollars during his career. But it was bad real estate investments and business loans that took it all away. He filed bankruptcy in 2010, with about twenty-five million dollars in debt.

Texan Sheryl Swoopes was once the shining star of the WNBA, banking fifty million dollars during her career as the first female basketball player to have her own sneakers - the Nike Air Swoopes. Crooked lawyers and agents were said to be the blame for her fall into bankruptcy in

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