There are a few she probably already loves.

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Our 'cross-the-pond counterparts appreciate time-tested traditions just as much as we do, though, admittedly, their traditions look a little different from ours. When Meghan Markle officially joins the royal family this May, there are a few British customs—some delicious, some stylish—she'll inevitably encounter.

Wearing Fascinators

If you've seen photos from British weddings (including the 2011 royal wedding), you've no doubt noticed the fascinators. They're impossible-to-miss accessories (part hat, part modern art) that British women don for formal events, including and especially for weddings. The next time Meghan Markle attends one such event, she's sure to be accompanied by one of those festive, often-gravity-defying headpieces.

Putting the Kettle on for Teatime

Enjoying a proper cup of tea is the quintessential English tradition. No matter the time of day, a cup of tea is always appropriate. So, even if Meghan Markle is more of a coffee gal, she's bound to warm up to tea eventually.

Having a Sunday Roast

Preparing and enjoying a roast dinner with family is a much-loved Sunday tradition for our friends across the Atlantic. Composed of a hearty roast (hence the name) alongside vegetables, the meal often includes roast beef, chicken, or lamb; potatoes, carrots, peas, or broccoli; and—if you're lucky—Yorkshire pudding.

Watching the Queen's Speech

Watching the Queen's Speech on Christmas Day is a holiday tradition the Royal family is sure to treasure. In the televised speech, a Royal broadcast with a long and storied history, Queen Elizabeth shares updates, reflections, and holiday greetings with audiences near and far.

Eating a Full English Breakfast

The roast dinner isn't the only hearty meal in a typical English week—the full English breakfast is another delicious custom. There are infinite variations, but a full English usually incorporates bacon, sausage, fried eggs, baked beans, toast, mushrooms, and tomatoes. (We hope Meghan Markle is a breakfast person, because this tradition sounds too tasty to pass up.)

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From teatime to the full English breakfast, there are plenty of British traditions we admire from afar. (Who else is looking forward to seeing Meghan Markle's inevitably fabulous fascinator style?)

Congratulations to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on their upcoming nuptials!