Wait until you see the little guy!

By Meghan Overdeep
April 09, 2021
Masters Tournament Flag
Credit: Andrew Redington/Getty Images

Sure, the polo shirts and lawn flags are great and all, but the hottest merchandise at this year's Masters Tournament reportedly has two beady eyes and a bushy white beard.

According to GOLF.com and Golf Digest, the "Masters Patron Gnome" is the most sought-after item at Augusta National. So much so, that the legendary Masters Golf Shop has limited purchases to one per customer.

That's right. A gnome!

The cute little garden gnomes have been around Augusta for a while now, though they have only recently become must-have souvenirs.

The limited-edition figurines don a different getup for each tournament. For November's spectator-less Masters, the gnome was dressed as Santa Claus.

This year's gnome is modeled after the stereotypical patron, wearing an Augusta National straw hat and a polo adorned with Masters badges from previous tournaments. In one hand he's holding a half-eaten pimento cheese sandwich while the other grips the folding chair slung over his shoulder.

Look familiar?

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If you're lucky enough to be in attendance at this year's Masters, you can find the coveted "Masters Patron Gnome" at the Golf Shop, where it retails for $49.50.  These is also a smaller gnome dressed as a caddie available for $29.50 in unlimited quantities.

A small price to pay for the accessory of the season!