You need a Soltice poultice, bless your sweet heart.

mother tending child
You need a Soltice poultice, bless your sweet heart.
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It doesn't matter whether you're 4 or 40—when you're sick, you want Dr. Mama. Her prescriptions include chicken and dumplings, Co-Cola, and an assortment of vapor rubs. But it's the things moms say when we're sick that truly hold the healing powers. One "bless your heart" from her is more curative than penicillin. We asked our Facebook Brain Trust to help us remember all the things Mama says when we're sick. Here's what they said—tell us what we missed:

"Don't you get out there breathing that night air, or you'll be sick again."

"Gargle with this warm saltwater. It'll make your throat feel better."

"Sip on this honey and lemon. It'll make your throat feel better."

"Let Mama rub your chest with Soltice. It'll open up your head."

"Let Mama rub your chest in Watkins Vapor Rub and then you can lay this warm towel over it."

"Let Mama rub your chest in Vicks' VapoRub—and let's put just a little dab under your nose to help you breathe."

"Let Mama rub your chest in camphorated oil. I know it smells bad, honey, but do it for me."

"Here, wrap another blanket around you. I feel like you're cold."

"Stay good and warm while you're sweating off that fever."

"Don't you get up stirrin' around, or that fever will come back."

"Don't you get up fannin' around, or that fever will come back."

"Come here and let Mama feel your face."

"Your face is hotter'n a firecracker!"

"Go easy on the Robitussin. You don't want to get hooked."

"Does that chicken soup feel like it's gonna stay down?"

"How about some saltine crackers and a little sip o' Co-Cola?"

"Do you feel like you could eat something?"

"You've got to at least sip on some ginger ale or you'll get dehydrated, and then you really will be in a mess."

"Daddy's made you a Soltice poultice and a steam tent—here, throw this Disney beach towel over your head and breathe in all that steam from my Dutch oven."

"Daddy, run on down to the Pig and get Junior some ginger ale."

"Come 'ere, baby, and let Mama rock you. Bless your heart.

"Sit in the sun, and I'll make you some tea."

"Daddy's chewing some tobacco to put on your wasp sting."

"Daddy's gone to get more Caladryl. Bless your heart, you're just eat up in poison oak."

"If you're too sick to go to school, you're too sick to go outside. Get back in that bed!"

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