This sounds fantastic. 
Mall of America
The Mall of America.
| Credit: AFP via Getty Images

If you're a writer who loves to shop, we've got the job for you!

To celebrate its 25th birthday, the Mall of America, a.k.a. the biggest mall in America, has announced that it's looking to hire a "writer in residence."

According to a release, the mall will pay one lucky and talented writer to spend five days "deeply immersed in the Mall atmosphere while writing on-the-fly impressions in their own words."

The mall, located just outside of Minneapolis, Minn., will hold a contest to choose one lucky scribe. Twenty-five semifinalists will be selected from applications that will be judged on creativity and skill. Those 25 people will have the opportunity to expand on their story idea in a 500-800-word essay. The contest winner will be chosen by a panel of judges comprised of experienced writers and journalists. The competition closes on March 10.

The chosen winner will stay in a hotel attached to the mall for four nights, receive a $400 gift card to buy food and drinks and collect a generous honorarium for the "sweat and tears they'll put into their prose."

Interested wordsmiths can apply here. For more information visit Good luck writers!