It’s always a good time to highlight amazing people doing meaningful work in the South, and that’s exactly what the community at Magic City Woodworks is all about. In the heart of Birmingham, Alabama, a team of young men spend their days making incredibly beautiful pieces of art from untouched wood – but producing tables, coasters, and cutting boards was never the goal. This woodworking organization exists to create an atmosphere of hope, faith, and brotherhood. And, it’s truly changing lives. Just ask any of the apprentices at Magic City Woodworks.

Of course, as most things do, the program started small – in a one-car garage to be exact. Today, they call a 12,000-square-foot facility that was freely given to the organization home. While the products that the men make at Magic City Woodworks are breathtaking, they are simply a medium to pursue the ministry God has placed on their lifes, and the outcome has been unparalleled. Lives are changing; community is growing, and faith is rising. What more could you ask for?

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