Raise your hands in the air. Waive 'em like you just don't care.

Emma and Nick Dancing Couple from Virginia
Credit: Michelle James

As the slogan goes, Virginia is for lovers. But as one Virginia couple proves, Virginia is also for dancers.

Fredericksburg, Virginia resident, Jamie Ashton, was recently enjoying an evening out with her husband. The couple was celebrating their 4th wedding anniversary at a Ludacris concert as a part of Celebrate Virginia Live. Local DJ Tony B from 99.3 The Vibe was warming up the crowd with a little ditty by J-kwon called, "Tipsy," when Ashton noticed a commotion behind her. The crowd was focused on a couple that may have looked a little out of place at this particular concert. This couple was busting some serious moves!

"I was at the concert two rows in front of them and I heard the crowd. I started filming because of the cute looks they gave each other. It was just so cute and I hope to be able to have that with my husband when we are older," Ashton told Southern Living.

Ashton's video has now gone viral and we can see why!

Nick and Emma Nichols have been married for 48 years but they sure do know how to keep their romance lively—they put on their dancing shoes!

When asked why they chose to attend a Ludacris concert, the couple told WUSA, Nick said, "If it's got a beat we're in the street!"

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Nick has always had a love of dance but it's something Emma acquired early on in their relationship. The couple still makes time to go out and dance when they can and feel that it's much more than just feeling the music. They hope that they are setting an example of what it takes to have a lasting, loving marriage.

"When they see us dancing, they see what we feel. They see the love on the floor and how close we are together," said Nick.

We say, what an inspiration! Keep dancing you two!