You may know her as the owner of the famed Lulu's restaurant, or as the little sister of beloved country singer Jimmy Buffett, but Lucy Buffett's come a long way from her Mobile roots. Known by her pet name 'Lulu', Lucy runs one of the South's most successful businesses in Gulf Shores. You'll hardly meet a tourist that hasn't her of her legendary restaurant, with its views of the water, mouth-watering piña coladas and bushwackers, and fantastic service. In fact, folks wait for hours to get into Lulu's – and for good reason. Lucy Buffett believes in the power of customer service, having started as a cashier at the then-dive bar and working her way up into a restaurant empire. It's a lot of work, she reiterates, but it's incredibly rewarding. As a Southern businesswoman, Lucy's had to overcome a lot of obstacles – including herself. She mentions that sometimes we have to allow ourselves to be successful, and that's part of the reason she's grown her restaurant, her businesses, and her books into what they are today. "I didn't start my restaurant until I was 46 years old." Now, Lulu's on the road with her new cookbook Gumbo Love, an expression of all things Southern and Coastal. She believes in soul-satisfying food, and pursuing those passions that set you apart.

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