It’s a cherished vacation spot and a well-known destination across the South; Lulu’s is the go-to restaurant in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Complete with great shopping, delicious food, live music, and a family friendly environment, Lulu’s is the perfect place to have a good time! But, how did Lucy Buffet – sister to Jimmy Buffett and Alabama native – create such a fun and exciting restaurant? It took perseverance, collaboration, and good timing. Interestingly, when she was a young wife and mother, Lucy didn’t know how to cook. Learning the trade was more of a necessity than a hobby because she had to feed her family. As time passed, Lucy began to enjoy cooking for her loved ones, and she also began catering for private clients! Making connections through food became Lucy’s passion, and after moving home to Alabama from Los Angeles to take care of her parents, an opportunity presented itself. Lucy was asked to run a small restaurant, and after much deliberation, she agreed! The rest is history. Now, Lucy's got a new cookbook called Gumbo Love, which bottles up her love of Coastal Southern food that is so well-known at Lulu's into a pretty, homegrown package.

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