This Southern businesswoman, author, and entrepreneur is best known for her beloved Gulf Shores restaurant, Lulu's. But, to her brother, beloved country singer Jimmy Buffett, and her sister Laurie, Lucy Buffett is still 'the little one'. "They make me get in the way back, and I'm 63! Come on!" Growing up, Lucy had to share a room with her sister, who was five years older. "5 years is a big difference when you're 5 and she's 10, or you're 10 and she's 15." Jimmy, on the other hand, didn't mind looking after his little sister. "We were kind of latch-key kids growing up because our mom worked. So he got his driver's license and he would take me to my piano lessons or pick me up on the way home. He was the kinder sibling." Now, the three Buffett siblings are all great friends, and still make time to have dinner together. Now, Lulu's on the road with her new cookbook Gumbo Love, an expression of all things Southern and Coastal. She believes in soul-satisfying food, and pursuing those passions that set you apart. Take a peek into this Coastal Southerners fond memories of her family.

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