It's every student's dream come true
Cornell University
Cornell University
| Credit: Yiming Chen / Getty Images

Brendon Gauthier may come from a small town and go to an even smaller high school, but that doesn't mean his dreams are small, too.

The 17-year-old T.M.Landry College Prep student from Opelousas, Louisiana is one of the school's 14 seniors. Like many of his classmates, he always dreamed that one day he would go to an Ivy League college. In particular, Gauthier had his sights on Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y., where he hoped to study to become a veterinarian.

When the yes or no email finally came from Cornell, his family, friends, classmates and teachers gathered around to watch him read it. Together with cameras rolling they waited with baited breath . . . and then came a euphoric explosion of screams. With the crowd cheering, Gauthier lept out of his seat, was grabbed by the school's owner and hoisted into the air. He had done it! He was going to Cornell!

"My acceptance, for me, is so powerful in the sense that I want it to inspire other people,'' Gauthier told Today. "I want it to motivate and speak to other low-income kids who feel as if they can't reach a goal this high. I want it to show that, through education, anything is possible."

"We keep a family-like atmosphere within our student body,'' he said. "We are always with each other throughout the positive or negative. Every senior here receives the same support."

Congratulations Brendon!