From her feisty charm to her endless supply of sundresses, Hart of Dixie's Lemon Breeland was one fierce Southern belle.

Lemon Breeland
Credit: CW

If, like us, you're on your second round of shamelessly binge-watching Hart of Dixie on Netflix, it may be more than small town charm luring you back over and over again. It's not just breakfast at the Rammer Jammer or never-ending BlueBell annual events we miss. It's the brightly dressed sass of one scheming Southern belle we want back on our small screen.

Lemon Breeland wasn't just any Southern belle, either. She had a unique mix of unwavering commitment (okay, sometimes obsession) to town traditions, a motherly sense of family pride, and an unstoppable ability to blaze her own path, no matter what stood in her way. Add in one part sharp wit, a dash of supportive girlfriends, and a heaping helping of nonstop plotting, and you've got yourself a Southern women who will always fight for what she believes in most.

Take a look back at seven ways Lemon Breeland proved she was one of the most spirited Southern belles on TV.

1. When an insult slipped from her lips, it was always disguised with a smile.

Lemon Breeland was as honest as the day is long, but her pageant girl tone always hid the bite of the truth. Considering she was surrounded by goofs like Wade all the time, we can't blame Lemon for letting a few clever zings "slip."

2. When her wardrobe was effortlessly on point. Every. Single. Day.

Whether it was the perfect hat for Sunday services or an impeccably color coordinated sundress for a stroll about town, Lemon put on a ladylike, 50's-inspired fashion show every time she stepped out.

Lemon Breeland Style
Credit: CW

3. When you could actually feel the weight on her shoulders as she tried to pull off a flawless family event.

Take that family dinner with her then soon-to-be in-laws, for instance. After cooking what George's mother deemed a dish not worth eating and enduring endless football arguments, she finally snapped.

4. When she could put her personal feelings aside in the name of supporting a friend, but also give a feisty reality check when a pal needed it, too.

From finding the strength to support a friend's love life that was grossly entangled with her own (I mean, could AnnaBeth have tried any harder to chase after Lemon's loves?), to dishing out a dose of reality to Wade when he needed to most, Lemon was as loyal as she was ready to give it to you straight.

Lemon and Annabeth
Credit: CW

5. When she never failed to be 10 steps ahead of the rest, always calculating her next move.

Lemon was a master of mining for information and a force to be reckoned with once she formulated a plan. The scariest part of it all? You could never completely tell what she was up to under that sweet, scheming smirk.

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6. When she was driven into a fit trying to take charge of important town traditions.

For Lemon, the chance to lead the Memory Matrons and the Belles were make or break moments in her journey as a Breeland in BlueBell. Even as she grew and took on challenges outside of her conventional comfort zone, the importance of managing and maintaining town traditions stuck with her.

Lemon Breeland Concerned Look
Credit: CW

7. When she picked her self back up from hardship over and over again.

From her mother's abandonment to a failed engagement, Lemon's ability to rebound again and again was undeniably admirable. No matter the bump in the road, she was always on to the next adventure, bringing her take charge determination along with her. If that's not the attitude of a strong, Southern belle, we're not sure what is.