By Melissa Locker
November 20, 2017
There was never an event that Lemon didn't show up dressed to impress, and we always loved this black and pale blue dress that was breezy and light. Her perfectly paired fuchsia lip made a great finishing touch.
The CW

Every small town in the South has its queen bee and in Bluebell, Alabama that is definitely Lemon Breeland. Lemon, who is played perfectly by Jaime King on the gone-but-not-forgotten series Hart of Dixie, is the ultimate Southern belle. She is very actively involved in her community, takes care of her father, town doctor Brick Breeland, does her best to look out for her little sister, Magnolia, and does it all without mussing her perfectly coiffed hair or slipping out of her kitten heels.

Like many strong Southern women before her (we're looking at you, Julia Sugarbaker), Lemon has a way with words and is known for speaking her mind, as she did many, many times to Dr. Zoe Hart, Wade Kinsella, and anyone else who dared cross her. You certainly don't want to get on the wrong side of one of Miss Lemon Breeland's tirades.

Here are some of Lemon's best, meanest lines:

"I'm a Southern lady. My methods of warfare are purely psychological."

About Zoe: "BlueBell isn't an animal shelter, and we don't have to accept every little stray that comes our way."

"Cute outfit. Did you join a gang?"

"I know that you will be a good mother, Zoe Hart. A really good mother because you are tough, and you are kind, and you are smart. And if you tell anyone that I said that, I will deny it."

Zoe: "How could I be so gullible? I'm from New York!"
Lemon: "Yes, please. Remind me again."

"Sometimes I just open my mouth and the truth, it just comes out."

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"She has no manners, dubious breeding and hair like a grill brush."

"You can just go to H-E- double hockey sticks!"

"You snap those fingers at me one more time Wade Kinsella, and I'll swear to God I will chop them off that dainty little hand of yours."

"I'm working hard on not slapping you silly, does that count?"

"Oh my goodness, you know sometimes I think that God gave you such a big heart that he left no room for plain sense."

[Speaking to Dash] "You're not a journalist, you blog about a town with roughly the population of Sesame Street."

George: Beautiful day, isn't it, Lemon?
Lemon: Debatable

Zoe: I still feel terrible.
Lemon: That's cause you haven't killed enough brain cells yet. [Lemon pours Zoe more wine]

"I don't need anyone to take care of me. I am Lemon Breeland, strong Southern Belle and I will rise again. Without help. On my own."