The 120-year-old, small town newspaper is still going strong. 


In the small Delta town of Leland, Mississippi, a 120-year-old newspaper is embracing journalism in a different way than you'd find in most larger news operations. For one, you won't find any national or international wire reports. The Leland Progress keeps every page local.

"You're never gonna find anything in there about national news or world news or even not a whole lot of state news unless Leland is somehow looped in to that," said publisher Stephanie Patton. Patton bought the paper in 2011 and she makes up almost its entire staff. "I'm the editor, the publisher, the salesman, the janitor, the mail room, the intern, the designer and I'm it," said Patton. "This is it." Patton also focuses the paper on the positive. Recent front page news was a local high school senior earning a full scholarship to Columbia University in New York City.

"She always brings out the best of Leland and what the Delta has to offer and that's what I love about when the Leland Progress came into her hands," said local justice court judge Cedric Bush. Leland is a diverse community full of different cultures, crops, and characters, and its local journalist loves sharing its stories.