Lauren Akins – mama to Willa Gray and Ada James – takes cues from her own mom, Lisa.

By Abigail Wilt

Tennessee native Lauren Akins may be known for her marriage to country superstar Thomas Rhett – but this mama of two is so much more than that. She has an incredible heart – from which spurred the adoption of Willa Gray from Uganda – and an uncanny way of making everyone around her smile. A lot of this she credits to her own mom, Lisa Gregory.

"My mom was always that mom that just kind of mothered everyone and was so good at it and so much fun, always making us laugh or doing something crazy – and I just remember thinking, "I can't ever imagine me being a mom."

Now, as a mother of two little girls, Lauren says that she loves being compared to her mom. "I cannot tell you how many people have come up to me and just seen me, even without my kids, and they're like, "Whoa, you look just like your mom! You know, and I'll say something, they're like, "Whoa, you sound just like your mom! And so, I feel like more so since I've had kids, people have told me that, and I just think that's like the best compliment anyone could ever give me, because...I can't ever imagine being that good, or that kind of a mom."

One of Lauren's favorite lessons from her mom helps her navigate some tricky situations. "She's always encouraged me that I can do whatever it is that I need to do or want to do, and that being whoever I am and being true to myself is the best person that I can be. You know, being in the same room with Beyonce and Jay-Z, you know, you're like you're in this room with these people that the world just adores, and you're like, 'What do I do? What do I say? How do I act?' And I can always hear her just being like, 'Just be who you are! That's who you're meant to be and that's who you should be.' And so far, so good."