Talk about a meet cute!

By Meghan Overdeep
Golden Girls Grocery Store
Credit: NBC/Getty Images

For one night in 1986, Dallas-area singles descended upon a Kroger supermarket looking not for deli meats, but for love.

According to The Dallas Morning News, the grocery store, located at Walnut Hill Lane and Central Expressway, was transformed into a social gathering place for 500 20-somethings on the prowl. The special event, one that many locals can still recall, was reportedly sponsored by radio station KEGL (now The Eagle), Kroger and other brands.

Talk about simpler times…

Kelly Wendorf, who worked as the promotions director for KEGL at the time, explained to the Morning News that the purpose of the event was to allow people to meet other singles in a new environment. Plus, who doesn't like the idea of meeting someone while getting their grocery shopping done?

"People are fed up with meeting each other at nightclubs," Wendorf said back in 1986. "The atmosphere is a little less superficial here. These people are just here in general to make friends. If we can get a couple of people together, that's great."

The night was also full of hilarious supermarket-themed games designed to get people talking, laughing, and hopefully making plans to see each other again. One involved having people guess what fruit or vegetable they were holding while blindfolded. Another, appropriately dubbed "the Bun Run," required two participants to share a footlong loaf of French bread Lady and the Tramp style as they ran down a frozen food aisle in a bizarre, grown-up version of a three-legged race.

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Throughout the night, men and women competed in number of games for various mouth-watering prizes. First place got you a gift certificate, second got you a turkey breast, and the grand prize was a trip to Cancun.

But the real grand prize was a lifetime of love.

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