Okay, here's an easy one: If your granddaughter tells you she'll BRB, you probably know that means she'll be right back. But what if your grandson writes in his birthday thank you card that you're the "GOAT"? Is he talking about a farm animal? If you ask your granddaughter how she is doing in her tennis lessons and she replies that she's "Gucci", does that mean she is being sponsored by the high-fashion brand? How do you avoid a cringey convo with your fam if you have no clue what they are talking about? These days kids are taking the language they use on Instagram direct messages and smartphone texts and applying them to everyday conversations, which can have the older generation shook.

Luckily, USA Today put out a comprehensive cheat sheet of some of the latest teen slang, which can help any parent or grandparent figure out what those kids are up to. The paper interviewed communication experts, looks at the origins of teen slang, and even interviewed a few real kids to put together a modern glossary of the new lingo.

Here's a few phrases, acronyms, and abbreviations that you may overhear at your next kickback with your grandkids who are eager to have a F2F with their lit grandparents. #Goals, right? Of course, as soon as these terms become well-known, the kids will probably change them again, but at least for a brief period of time, you may know what they are talking about.

Here are a few key terms to know, see the full list at USA Today:

Beef = a fight or argument

BRB = be right back

Bruh = another way of saying "bro" or "brother"

Canceled = done, deleted, finished, blocked on social media

Cringey = awkward, uncomfortable, cringe-worthy

Curve = reject someone's advances

Dead = overwhelmed or exhausted

Extra = over the top

F2F = face to face, meeting in person

Fam = the friends you are closest with

Finna = going to/about to, short for "fixing to"

Glow-Up = an incredible transformation

Goals = a lifestyle to strive for

GOAT = greatest of all time, frequent used in sports

Gucci = good, cool

It's lit = cool, awesome, great

I'm weak = something so funny it made you weak

Juice = credibility, respect, can also mean booze or drugs

Kickback = a casual get together

Ratchet = loud, obnoxious, trashy

Saucy = feisty or sassy

Savage = harsh as in, "that comment was savage."

Shade = trash talk

Shook = shocked, upset

Sips tea = minding your own business

Squad = your closest group of friends

Stan = have an intense fandom for a particular celebrity or company. (As in, we stan for Golden Girls)

Straight fire = awesome or good (That new Dolly Parton song is straight fire)

TBH = to be honest

Tea = gossip

Thirsty = someone who wants attention

Throw shade = talk badly about a person

V = very

Woke = enlightened about social issues, originally to describe being aware about racism and police violence