"Either way, it's VERY old!"

By Jorie Nicole McDonald

What do you get when you give spunky Southern kids old and outdated kitchen tools? Answer: priceless reactions. Most of the youngsters were completely confused with the antique instruments, while others quickly began guessing the purpose of each mysterious item. When asked what she thought the mixer made, one gal replied, "Butter, cheese, bread, sprinkles." Those are all of our favorite things!

Because it was incredibly heavy, some kids thought the old-school popsicle maker could be used as an arm workout. Of course, one girl appreciated the "Alabama-ness" on the side of the tool where it read "Roll Tide". Oddly, most of the Southern kids took to sniffing the kitchen tools long before they guessed their purpose.

While some were completely unimpressed and remarked, "I want to do the next thing", others used their imagination to determine what the tools could be. In fact, a sifter transformed into a megaphone and cheese grater turned into a toucan. Oh, to be a kid again!