Not all things get better with time. 

It's no secret that kids have a massive sweet tooth; Laffy Taffy, Blow Pops, and Pixie Sticks are the stuff dreams are made of. However, how do classic sweets fare when it comes to the opinions of our beloved little ones? Not so well, as it turns out.

We gave our favorite Southern kids the old-fashioned Mary Janes, Charleston Chews, and Cow Tales to see how the vintage candies compared to today's popular sweets. One little girl preferred using the Cow Tales as a bracelet, while most kids agreed it was all too sticky and chewy. In fact, one Southern kid believed it would take all day to finish a Mary Jane! A few children actually loved the old-fashioned treats, saying they tasted like brown sugar.

As far as the Cow Tales go, one gal said it reminded her of a wobbly churro. Kids say the darndest things, don't they?