"Blue eyebrows? Okay." 

By Jorie Nicole McDonald

Remember the days when we'd beg Mama to come and sit a spell while we gave her the ultimate five-star makeover? Our younger selves beamed when we finally selected the perfect shimmery eyeshadow and shade of hot pink lipstick. We'd spend hours refining the glamorous, Hollywood look, but Mama was the best sport, encouraging us to the very end. The final results were always less than flawless, nonetheless we were proud.

We gave a few of our favorite Southern kids the chance to makeover their moms – on camera! And, the results were priceless. A few youngsters wasted no time; they started lapping on bright blue eyeshadow to their unsuspecting mom's eyebrows. Blue eyebrows? Why not? Other kids thought they'd help Mama out with a little highlighting and contouring on her neck. One Southern mom remarked, "I feel like makeup is dripping down my face!" Her children promptly explained that she was correct.

It was all in good fun. There were ample giggles and snickers as the Southern kids did their very best to make Mama look like a movie star. However, they all agreed she was already beautiful. How sweet. Most of the matriarchs quickly began to wonder how their husbands would feel about the new and improved look. "He'll love it," said one confident daughter.

At the end of the day, countless tubes of lipstick were empty, several eyeshadow pallets were destroyed, bright red blush was scattered across the studio, and several moms were in need of makeup remover, but priceless memories were made nonetheless.

We sure would have loved to see Dad's reaction to the hilarious makeovers. In fact, we think next time it's his turn! Do you have any wonderful memories of family makeovers? It's amazing how something so simple can keep us smiling for years to come.