Plus, she shares the recipe for her sour cream pound cake.

Cookbook author and creator of Grandbaby Cakes, Jocelyn Delk Adams, built her brand based on celebrating her family recipes and traditions while giving her own unique take. She turned her passion into her purpose, creating a modern space for people to do what they've done for generations: share in a love of baking and being in the kitchen with loved ones. That's a sentiment we can certainly appreciate, especially now that the coronavirus pandemic has kept us all home and looking for ways to stay occupied. For many, that meant turning to trying new things in the kitchen. Seeing others enthusiastic about baking is something that motivates Adams."The energy and excitement that people have to bake is really exciting for me. I love anything that gives you passion. So, for me, cooking, baking, that's one of my absolute passions. Got that from my grandmother, that was passed down to me. I love to say I inherited the baking gene in our family because I feel like as soon as I was in the kitchen with my grandmother, something sparked for me. Like the snap of passion," Adams told Southern Living in a recent phone call.

But another message that Adams wants to promote is the importance of self-care, especially after a year like we have all just survived.

If you take a quick gander at her Instagram page, Adams encourages her fans to find self-care however it looks to them. "Comfort is very different for people and how they grieve those moments of freedom, which was really what we were doing last year," Adams said, referencing how we've all coped with the pandemic in different ways.

 Through social media Adams shares her signature baked goods, of course, and she's shared one of those recipes directly with us as well. Find the recipe for her Sour Cream Pound Cake here. But she also shares savory recipes of comfort, book suggestions if reading is your form of taking some me time, and even a whole tab in her saved highlights of "Joy notes" providing advice on how to savor more joy in our everyday lives.

Another way many of us have sought to cope with the chaos in the past year is by expanding our leisure wear wardrobe. But sweats can still be cute and comfortable cloths can go beyond sweats too. Which is why Adams' new partnership with Stitch Fix, a personal styling service, makes perfect sense. "I am so excited for this partnership with Stitch Fix because they are just so passionate about making sure that you look incredible and that you feel good and their stylist really are so amazing at making sure that you find pieces that feel very personal to you which I love."

"I've been able to take recipes that have been passed down from my grandmother and put my own personal spin on it, but then Stitch Fix is able to do that with anyone's personal style, like really finding that connection with what fits them, and what feels good on them, and what looks good on them."