We’ve been training our whole lives for this.


If you like baseball, hot dogs, and easy money, we have the gig for you!

Casino review site BonusFinder is looking for someone who's passionate about all things baseball and hot dogs to be their official MLB Food Tester.

Seriously, they want to pay someone $500 to watch baseball games at MLB stadiums across the country, eat some hot dogs, and review each experience on BonusFinder.com.

In addition to a $500 paycheck, the lucky wiener, we mean winner, will also receive a food and travel budget.

The chosen MLB Food Tester will be asked to report on both the hot dogs and the baseball games, addressing the following criteria:

For hot dogs:

  • Hot dog appearance and color
  • Quality of the bun and bread flavor
  • Hot dog flavor complexity and quality of meat
  • Sauce and topping generosity
  • Value for money

For baseball games:

  • Game entertainment and quality
  • Stadium atmosphere and excitement

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Think you've got what it takes? Is this the kind of opportunity you'd really relish? Go to the job listing here, enter your name, email address, location, your favorite MLB team, and a little bit about why you're the perfect candidate for the role.

Winners will be contacted by Wednesday, May 5.

Good luck, y'all!