Attention Sweet Magnolia fans!

By Rebecca Angel Baer
April 09, 2021

This Saturday, our favorite feel-good network has something special for all you Sweet Magnolia super fans. Maddie is no longer in Serenity. Instead, Joanna Garcia Swisher will take us all the way to Ireland in Hallmark's As Luck Would Have It, a brand-new original film as a part of the network's Spring Fling lineup. The charming flick will be the first time Swisher has ever appeared in a Hallmark movie and her costar will be another familiar face. Irish actor Allen Leech, whom you may recognize as the lovable chauffeur turned member of the family Tom Branson in Downton Abbey, plays Swisher's love interest.

As Luck Would Have It Allen Leech and Joanna Garcia Swisher
Credit: ©2021 Crown Media United States LLC/Steffan Hill

Swisher plays Lindsey Johnson, an acquisitions manager for a luxury hotel company sent to Ireland to close the deal on purchasing a beautiful plot of land to develop into their newest resort. But the land includes a 14th century castle and her company's plan is to demolish the castle and rebuild anew. This of course, does not sit well with the townspeople or the town council. One of her biggest foes on the council is local whiskey distiller and somewhat of a caretaker for the castle, Brennan O'Brien, played by Leech. But in the midst of trying to convince the council to sell, Lindsey decides the best way to win over the locals is to join in on the annual matchmaking festival. This gives the "trespassing American," as Brennan calls her, a real crash course the culture and heritage of this quaint Irish village. She learns about baking Irish soda bread, knitting with Irish wool, as well as taking in some breathtaking sites.

This movie truly will take you on an adventure as it was filmed entirely on location in Ireland. For those who've been lucky enough to visit the Emerald Isle, you may spot Howth Castle, Dalkey, Killruddery, Johnny Foxes Pub, Glendalough and Cliffs of Moher that serve as various destinations throughout the film. And if you've never had the chance to cross the pond, this may be put Ireland at the top of your post pandemic travel plans. It certainly shows off the unmatchable shades of green for which the country is so well known.

The matchmaking festival takes the participants on all of these adventures in hopes that they might find love while partaking in traditional Irish activities. And well, of course because it's Hallmark, we can count on sparks to fly. And we just loved this pairing of Swisher and Leech, they have an incredibly believable chemistry. You won't want to miss this one, it's as delightful as the Irish jigs they dance during the festival.  

Tune into As Luck Would Have It, premiering Saturday night, 8PM EST/7PM CST on Hallmark Channel.