"My God, are you a television intuitive? You lock onto so many things!" Swisher told Entertainment Tonight interviewer Philiana Ng.

It's happening. The news our couch potato selves have all been waiting for. Filming for season two of Netflix Original series Sweet Magnolias is underway in Georgia, and we couldn't be more excited to see what's in store for the guys and gals of Serenity. Perhaps especially for leading lady Maddie Townsend, played by JoAnna Garcia Swisher.

Indeed, many of us are analyzing every last detail of the season one cliffhanger—spoiler alert: Maddie's son Kyle crashed his car, and we're not sure who was in the passenger seat—and wondering how season two will pan out. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Swisher dropped a few more clues of what lies ahead.

"I actually can't say anything! And for good reason. There are so many storylines that Sheryl [J. Anderson], our showrunner, and our writing staff laid out and so many things that you might not even be thinking about right now that we will address that become interesting plot points," replied Swisher when ET interviewer Philiana Ng asked about the upcoming season, noting the car crash cliffhanger. "But I think who's in the car and the stories that are launched because of this are so interesting too."

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"It's not looking good for Kyle, who's in pretty bad shape after the accident. But whoever the second person is, I'm worried it'll fracture Maddie, Helen and Dana Sue's friendship," said Ng. Garcia Swisher's reply? "My God, are you a television intuitive? You lock onto so many things! And by the way, it's all so human and there's all of that there. It's very real. You see the depths of our commitment to each other this season," she shared. "I think you see the depths of the realness of our friendship and the history and that we are all raising our children side by side, but we all are on our own journeys just naturally as life. You will see all of that. It's super human and super special and super real."

As for Maddie, will she get rekindle her romance with Cal? What will happen to her and her ex-husband Bill? And what's on deck for her fellow "Sweet Magnolias" BFFs Dana Sue and Helen? So many questions.

And yet, so few answers. Is it season two premiere time already? Oh, are we excited for this one.