Finding Myself is a kid-friendly lesson in learning to love yourself.

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If her teacher asks her what she did this summer, soon-to-be first grader J'ana Price has an easy answer: She published a book.

That's right, the six-year old girl from Richmond, Virginia, has already achieved what many consider a life-long dream. The book called Finding Myself (BUY It: $7.99; was written last summer, when she was just five, and is a lesson in learning to love yourself.

Finding Myself by J'ana Price
Credit: Amazon

"It's a book based on a journey through life," the little girl explained to Richmond's local ABC affiliate, 8News. "People can give it to their children and the children can learn how they can grow up without being shy and build their confidence like me." 

While getting a book published is already an impressive feat, hitting that milestone when many of her peers were still learning their ABCs, let alone how to read or write, is incredibly impressive.

J'ana Price Finding Myself
Credit: James Price

J'ana's love of storytelling comes from her father James, who started writing while he was incarcerated. He's written five books of his own after taking part in a writing program designed to help curb recidivism. When he was released from jail, James encouraged his daughter to tell her own stories. "Since the pandemic hit, I've been trying to come up with extra income and have been pushing my book and that's how she got the drive to want to write her own book," dad James told Southern Living. Soon, Finding Myself, was born and J'ana too was a published author.

The little girl isn't done dreaming big, of course. In fact, she already has an idea to turn her book into a 3-D animated feature. Guess she knows what she is going to do next summer!