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In honor of National Etiquette Week, we rounded up some of our staffer's most pressing dilemmas and asked Erika Preval of Charm Etiquette school in Atlanta to help us navigate these situations with aplomb:

What's a polite way to find out if someone received a gift without calling them out for not sending a thank you note?

If your concern is solely that the gift arrived safely, the best way to track it is by confirming delivery via the retailer of registry or the company you chose for shipping.

In the event that your package cannot be traced, you can follow up with the recipient. Please wait until after the honeymoon to ask if the gift was received, but not as attempted reproach for lack of gratitude. Unfortunately, there is a trend of couples not sending handwritten thank you notes for gifts, which prompts these awkward situations.

Is it ok to wear a white dress to a wedding if you pair it with gobs and gobs of turquoise jewelry? I'm going to a super-informal wedding in a romantic barn.

While guests wearing white to weddings has become popular in celebrity news, please know that the bride has given permission for guests to share her palette. No matter the setting of the event, guests should shy away from wearing white or cream attire. It's considered an attempt to upstage the bride, and no amount of turquoise can cover that.

How should I handle Facebook friend requests from people I have fond memories of but don't really want to reconnect with?

There's definitely a surge in Facebook friend requests, due to their connecting Instagram accounts to the "People You May Know" feature. Should you be concerned about potentially hurting the person's feelings, simply accept the request and place the new "friend" in a restricted group. Otherwise, just say, "no."

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