"Give me five years in Texas and I'll kill myself with food."


"To die for." A meat fest!" "Superb." "Delish!" "Give me five years in Texas and I'll kill myself with food." Those are just a few of the things Irish people had to say as they were filmed eating their way through six Texan dishes for the first time.

Ireland isn't exactly known for its flavorful cuisine, which is why the fine folks behind the Irish Youtube channel, Facts., thought it would be fun to watch four of their fellow citizens chow down on some finger-licking food from the Lone Star State.

Spoiler: they thought right.

WATCH: Beer-Battered Fried Chicken Wings

The food tour begins with chicken wings, which were obviously enjoyed by all, though all agreed that the next selection was an odd one. Mushroom soup? Is that a thing? The foursome then dug into barbecue pork ribs, which garnered 10/10 scores across the board. Chili left one Irish man seriously concerned about the state of Texans' colons, while chicken fried steak got rave reviews. And last but not least, pecan pie knocked everyone's socks off.

Watch the hilarity below: