It's as easy as 1, 2, 3! 

By Southern Living Editors

Saving money can be hard! Not only are temptations everywhere, but your social life may be synonymous with dishing out cash. Cut the spending. Here are 5 simple ways to save big each week.

Bring your lunch to work. You may feel a bit silly carrying a bag of food, but it'll save you around $50 per week. Prepare five days worth of hassle-free food on Sunday to set yourself up for delicious success.

Instead of dining out, invite your friends over. The average American spends around $230 per month going out. Skip the bill, and share your space with your friends. Tell them to BYOB or bring a dish for an extra tasty night. Give up buying morning coffee and brew your own. Depending on your area, most cups of joe can cost between $2-$5. Splurge on a decent coffee machine and grab a to-go mug for the road. You'll be saving around $14-$25 per week on this simple DIY.

Be your own beauty guru. Who needs a weekly mani or pedi when you can do the same at home? Purchase a $1-$5 nail polish at your local drug store and set up your own spa. Cucumber eye masks not included!

Seek out gym alternatives. Some memberships can cost around $10 to over $100 per month. Eliminate the hefty sum to be fit and get creative by trying out free workouts from YouTube videos. If all else fails, dust off your running shoes and get to jogging around your neighborhood. With these tricks, you'll save between $7,000 to over $8,800 per year. You'll be sitting pretty when retirement rolls around.