Southerners are big planners. We start buying Christmas gifts in July and organizing family parties months before the actual event. But, have you overlooked one significant task? If you think drafting a will early in life seems odd, then think again. The legal document outlines so much more than what happens to your favorite china collection. A will determines guardianship of your children and a plan for their future in the event that you can no longer be there for them. Without a will, those decisions are often left to the state. There are a few methods that make creating the legal document much easier. Pre-made forms and will-making software exist online that can help you through the process. Of course, hiring a lawyer is also a good option; it will cost you anywhere from $100 to $150. Taking the time to decide how to distribute your assets and choosing a guardian for your children will provide you with peace of mind for a small price!

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