Avoid these etiquette mistakes if you want to make sure you're invited back.

Hosting friends and family as house guests is one of the kindest things someone can do, but there's certainly work that comes along with it. Beyond readying the house and stocking up on food, it takes entertaining and hospitality. It can be a treat for both parties involved, unless the house guest dampens the mood by acting impolite

Unlock the secrets of being the best house guest by heeding these seven mistakes to never, ever make when staying in someone's home. 

1. Leaving Belongings Around the House 

The biggest no-nos here are regarding the bathroom and common areas. Don't leave makeup scattered on the counter or wet towels on the floor, especially if sharing a bathroom with another room or guest. Otherwise, try to always pick up after yourself and not leave clothing and other clutter in the common areas of the house. 

2. Showing Up with Unexpected Guests

Sadly, this goes for your furry friends. Never show up with a pet unless the hostess makes it clear that pets are welcome. Additionally, don't arrive with extra guests under any circumstances. It should go without saying, but never drop in unexpectedly to ask for a place to stay, either.

3. Being Inconsiderate of Noise Levels

This can apply to both morning and night. If staying up later than the hosts, be cognizant of how loud you're being, whether socializing, watching television, listening to music, or moving throughout the house. In the morning, be aware that other people in the house might still be sleeping, especially if you're an early riser or want to make coffee in the kitchen before everyone is up.

4. Not Offering to Help Clean Up 

After meals, it's customary to offer to help clean up. Most of the time, your hosts will tell you to go sit down and relax, but you should always offer. After cocktails or coffee, make sure not to leave glasses and mugs around the house. Place them in the sink or the dishwasher, or wash them yourself. 

5. Being Demanding

It's one thing to ask for something that you really need, or to be honest when the hostess asks your preference. However, some guests take it too far, demanding the hosts to go above and beyond what would be considered polite. In general, try to also adhere to their schedule for meals and any other proposed outings. And never expect them to entertain you at all times. 

6. Forgetting a Hostess Gift

In the South, this is one of the most important shows of etiquette as a house guest. It can be something as simple as a candle or bottle of wine. After you've left, always make sure to send a thank you note. 

7. Overstaying Your Welcome

The cardinal rule of being a house guest is to never overstay your welcome, particularly when there has already been a set number of nights discussed. Anything more is a burden on the hosts. Don't be that guy! 

Avoid these mistakes, and you'll be a pristine house guest that's welcomed back again.