Erin and Ben Napier
Credit: @erinapier

Bet y'all could hear our Birmingham office cheering when we read this recent announcement from Erin Napier: "It's an incredible day because we can finally announce some big news we've been sitting on for a week, dying to tell you. We got renewed for season 2 of Home Town!" You read that right, it's been confirmed that Home Town, HGTV's newest home renovation show, which is set in Laurel, Mississippi, is coming back for season two. And we are beyond thrilled. Why so excited? While everyone knows Ben and Erin are super talented and just too-cute-for-words, we share a love for many things with this DIY-ing duo like beautiful historic homes, charming small towns, heirloom finds, Ole Miss. We could go on and on...

We're just wondering when the Napiers might invite us over for some sweet tea? We promise to work a little before we play.