Never, Ever Make This Mistake When Shopping at HomeGoods

Listen up, bargain lovers!

HomeGoods Secrets

When it comes to finding a fun lamp for the console in your entry or an indoor/outdoor rug for the laundry room, there are few better places to find a good piece at a bargain price than HomeGoods. That the inventory's always changing and that you never know what you'll find are just part of the fun: Is there anything more exhilarating than the thrill of the hunt?

Of course, a place like HomeGoods has its pitfalls, too. A trip to your local store doesn't guarantee that you'll come home with exactly what you're looking for (HomeGoods regulars know that's a seldom occurrence), nor does it promise that you'll stumble upon that gotta-have-it item that you didn't even know you needed. But those HomeGoods gems pop up often enough that we keep going back for more, wandering the fluorescent-lit aisles in hopes that we'll leave with the accent piece that'll give our living room the extra "oomph" we've long been searching for.

While every HomeGoods vet has a method to her treasure-finding madness, there's one thing you should never, ever do when it comes to shopping the discount store – no matter how seasoned a HomeGoods shopper you are: Shop on a Saturday or a Sunday.

Sure, it's tempting to make the trek to your local store on the weekend. Lazy Saturday mornings and quiet Sunday afternoons give you more time to sift through shelves and thumb through rugs and pick through pillows, but chances are, the savvy weekday shoppers will have likely scored the good stuff already, and you'll be left with the dregs. Plus, everyone and her mother will have had the same grand idea to hit HomeGoods over the weekend, and you'll barely have room to breathe – much less scavenge.

Swing by HomeGoods before you hit the grocery store on a Tuesday morning instead, or sneak out during your lunch break for a quick run-through on a Thursday afternoon: The store will be less crowded, and you're more likely to stumble upon the gem that was delivered with the latest shipment.

And when you do find something you love, don't leave it behind! It probably won't be there the next day when you've realized you can't live without it. HomeGoods has a 30-day return policy, so you can always mull over your purchase once you've brought it home and return it if you change your mind – just be sure to hold on to your receipt.

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