Betty Jane Keene had never been to prom before, so her grandson, Connor Campbell, decided to change that.

Betty Jane Keene picked a pale pink gown for her very first high school prom. She got her hair, makeup, and nails done and before heading to the big night, pinned a pink rose boutonniere on her date—her grandson, Connor Campbell, a high school junior.

Keene had never been to prom before, so all year Campbell had promised that he would take her as his date to the prom at Pinewood Prep in Summerville, South Carolina. On April 1, he made good on his promise. His mom did Keene's makeup and they picked out a dress and Campbell bought his grandma a corsage. They spent the evening dancing under the "Northern Lights" at the themed formal, according to the Summerville Journal Scene.

"It was wonderful. It was really great," Keene told ABC News of her fabulous evening at Middleton Place Plantation on April 1. "He had told all his friends. Every boy and girl. It was about 100 children at that dance and it was so lovely and they all came up and shook my hand and then I got Connor to dance with me. He's not a dancer, but I am."

While many high schoolers would balk at the idea of bringing their grandma to prom out of fear of being teased, Campbell said that his friends were excited for him and wanted to dance with Keene, too.

Campbell and Keene made a lot of memories that night, but Keene isn't planning on going to her grandson's senior prom. "I want him to find a girlfriend," she said.