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Fixer Upper Fanatic
Credit: Getty Images

Chances are, if you haven't become a Fixer Upper fanatic by now, you know someone who is. Between Chip and Joanna Gaineses' TV show, brick-and-mortar store, magazine, real estate business, and forthcoming restaurant (and several more ventures!), you've probably figured out what their deal is all about—hard work, gorgeous, modern farmhouse-style, and goofy jokes (ahem, Chip). So it only makes sense that fans have become obsessed with this Waco, Texas couple. Are you one of them? Some signs you may be a super fan:

1. You take your morning coffee in this mug. (While searching for reruns, of course.)

2. You have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to shiplap. You know no wall that can't be covered with its instant-farmhouse magic.

3. This doormat is the first thing guests see when entering your home. (Probably for a Tuesday night watch party…)

4. Your have all your flight price alerts and apps set to Waco, Texas. Anytime is the perfect time to visit the hometown of the Magnolia enterprises. Maybe you can even snag a room at Chip and Joanna's rental property, The Magnolia House, right outside Waco. (You have to act fast on this one though.)

5. You're the local humane society for discarded and untended furniture. There's no roadside find that you can't put a little elbow grease into (and paint on!) and fix right up. In your eyes, a few scratches and bumps here and there translates to "well-loved."

6. Tuesday evenings are for Fixer Upper only. There are very few events that could come between you and your spot on your (Magnolia Home brand) sofa on Tuesdays at 9/8 p.m. CST.

7. Speaking of which, you've been tempted to ditch the tube knowing Chip and Joanna don't have one in their home…but then how would you get your Fixer-Upper fix in the first place?

8. There are many things you absolutely cannot walk away from at the flea market…church pews, big letters, old clocks, wooden ladders, vintage fans…just to name a few.

9. Your holiday wish list may or may not have just been a link to the Magnolia Market shop site. (Okay, but like, you needed those miniature tin-framed chalkboards, right?)


10. You've researched where to get giant house-sized photos printed…totally casual though. No reason, right?