Who knew? 

By Jorie Nicole McDonald
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You probably know Heather Land as the I Ain't Doin It comedian from Facebook with the larger-than-life smile. Her viral videos keep thousands of folks laughing everyday, and the Tennessee-based mom draws inspiration for her skits from everyday situations like church group and exercise classes. The social media sensation believes that relatability has launched her career as a comedian, but long before she was making people laugh, Heather was singing.

The popular humorist actually grew up leading worship in church, and that passion developed into a career long before she discovered her comedic chops. Creating her new record, Counting On, was an incredibly therapeutic process. Heather puts it all on the line and practices complete honesty with the music she makes. The I Ain't Doin It Comedian wrote the title track just after separating with her now ex-husband. The songs symbolize both hurt and hope.

If you're a fan of Heather's funny videos, you should definitely check out her music. You won't be disappointed.