Heather Land will never say "I ain't doin it" to being a mom. 

By Jorie Nicole McDonald

You may know Heather Land from her hilarious, viral Facebook videos with the tag line, "I ain't doin it", where she comically discusses the everyday frustrations of being a modern Southern woman. The topics range anywhere from Sunday school to gym etiquette, and the millions of video views speak for themselves. Heather Land has achieved great success as a comedian, but she says her most important and fulfilling job is being a mom.

Her ultimate goal is that her kids grow up to be good people, who are kind, generous, and respectful. Heather says right now they are little people who need her, but she hopes they will eventually grow into adults who don't need her but want her. The Tennessee-based mom says her kids were a bit embarrassed when the "I Ain't Doin It" videos went viral, but now they have embraced the attention and even pitch in on the scripts.

So how does she feel about the South you may ask? "You just can't beat it; it's a great place to be." We completely agree, Heather!