It all began with a dare. 


You probably know Heather Land from her funny and relatable videos on Facebook that have gone viral. The Tennessee-based mom creates hilarious stories using a popular Snapchat filter and posts them for the world to see. But, what you may not realize that this all started in September of 2017, just a few short months ago. So, what lead the comedian to give it a shot? It all started with a dare, and the rest is history.

Heather can hardly believe the success she has had with her ‘I Ain't Doin It' videos, but she credits the success to being honest and verbalizing everyday frustrations that most people don't have the nerve to talk about. And talk she does. From BMX to dating to church culture, she covers it all.

The Facebook personality is proud to say that her videos are extremely true to who she is as a person. "The only difference is the filter," says Land. What can we say? Southerners know how to entertain.